This event is on May 27, 2017 9:00 am


Saturday May 27th – cost $20 – 9am – 12noon  



Player Requirements:

– All players must fill out an AIRSOFT MINISTRY waiver.

-Any participant under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent   or guardian. The waivers are available online to print at home, or on the field.

– Eye protection must be worn at all times.

-Eye protection must be worn in the staging area.

– Full face masks (or goggles and lower face mesh) are required when on the field if under 18 years old, Goggles are permitted if you are over 18.

-Mesh goggles and masks are not allowed unless there are plastic lenses behind them. (BBs can still shatter and contact your eye).

-Our age requirements are 11 and older. If the participant is younger than 11, we require them to come with a parent or guardian who will be by their side the entire time.

General Rules:

– Play nice, no foul language!
We strictly enforce clean and respectful language. This includes and is not limited to cursing, swearing, blasphemy, or disrespect in any way.
10 push-ups will be issued for each offense no matter if it was said on or off the field.

– You are responsible for YOUR equipment. We suggest marking it uniquely for easy identification.

– Playing under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited and enforced.

– The referee and staff is always right, no arguing.

– Fighting is strictly prohibited and will result in your immediate removal from the field

– Its airsoft, be honest and call your hits!

– Respect the field, the gear, the players, and the staff!

– 3 Strike Rule

Strike 1- Warning
Strike 2- Sit out 1 match
Strike 3- Sit out for the day
If any person poses a threat to the safety or fundamentals of the players or this ministry we reserve the right to remove and or ban such a person.

Airsoft Gear:

– All guns must be chronographed (tested) and marked before play and are subject to be re-chronographed at anytime at the referee’s discretion.

– All AEG’s need to shoot below or at 400 FPS. AEGs shooting between 351 FPS and 400 FPS are only allowed outside of the center maze.

-Air-tank powered guns (Polar Stars, HPA, ETC) must shoot at or below 350 FPS, be below 1.5 Joules, and must have OUR air tank lock on the tank regulator valve. Any tampering or removal of the lock without staff approval will result in ejection from the game. Proper placement of the lock will me shown by the staff member.

– All pistol’s need to shoot below or at 350 FPS.

– All snipers need to shoot at 400 FPS or below and must be semi-automatic/bolt action.

– .20g bbs must be used to pass the chronograph, but higher then .20g bb’s may be used to play with.

– You may only use plastic BB’s, no metal, glass or acrylic.

– Guns must be in bags or cases when entering Airsoft Ministry.

Field Play Rules:

– 0-engagement play is allowed, which means you can be shot at point blank range.

– Bang kills are only effective if you are behind the person. If face-to-face with the opponent, just shoot them. If both players are hit, both are dead. Just respawn.

-The SOLID GREEN / ORANGE painted bunkers are the home bunkers or “safe zones”. This is where you go to respawn, or fix equipment.
These are NOT to be shot at or from.

-The STRIPED GREEN / ORANGE painted bunkers are the where players who just respawn can start shooting from.
These bunkers CANNOT be rushed or “swept” behind. This is to allow players a place to play even when the opposite team has field advantage.

– DO NOT OVER SHOOT. It only takes one shot in airsoft to be out. 3 is tolerable. Any more is not. Be respectful.

– Magazines must not be in guns until you are on the field and ready to play.

– Firing guns in non-playing areas for any reason is not allowed and may result in ejection from the field.

– Safety’s must be on until you are out on the field.

– Test firing guns without permission from field ref is not allowed.

– Before exiting field, remove magazine from gun and fire two into a discharge bucket.

-Guns MUST be pointed downwards when not in play

– Keep fingers off triggers when not in play


– When you are hit you MUST call your hit and be out. (Depending on the game: respawn, wait for medic, or leave the field)

– When you are HIT yell “Hit” or “Out” and raise your hand until you are off the field or reached your respawn point

– Bang kills are only effective if you are behind the person. If face-to-face with the opponent, just shoot them. If both players are hit, both are dead. Just respawn.

– A ricochet does not count as a hit.

– Friendly fire counts as a hit.

– A hit to your weapon counts as a hit.

– Blind Fire is not allowed. Basic definition: if you cannot see the target you are shooting at with your weapon it is considered blind fire.

– Practice knives/ foam swords are allowed but cannot be thrown or jabbed. They must be used line of sight (no reaching around corners, this is considered blind fire).

Riot shields or clear shields are allowed but are good of one use per spawn. “Ballistic shields” or solid colored shields without windows are considered bb proof and can be used as a continuous shield. However blind fire rules still apply during the use of solid and clear shields.

– Grenades are allowed and must be underhand tossed, no softball pitches. Smoke grenades and powder grenades are prohibited.
“Thunder B” kills only count as a hit if a bb hits a player. Otherwise proximity kills do not count.

– Referees WILL shoot players to honor check them. A referee hit count as a hit.

– If by the time you have read these rules and you don’t feel you can follow them with a good conscience then do not come to our field. We are here to have fun playing a game we love and to share the love of Jesus Christ at the same time.